NO CRT ColorBlind for Life T-Shirt

NO CRT ColorBlind for Life T-Shirt


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Help us raise funds to continue to fight to get Critical Race Theory out of public schools. These T-Shirts come in 5 Sizes.

What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

Although the name sounds scientific, Critical Race Theory is not based on science at all. CRT is not evidence-based. CRT is simply the practice of assuming that racism is everywhere and that White Americans oppress Black Americans without even knowing it.

Why is Critical Race Theory Bad for children?

Imagine growing up as a White child thinking that racism is everywhere and that you are the one oppressing other races. Imagine growing up as a Black child being told that you will always be limited by White people like your classmate sitting next to you. CRT creates mental racial segregation. It will negatively affect your child’s worldview and self-esteem. CRT is another form of hate.

You Have A Right To Decide Your Child’s Values

What parent wants their child to grow up assuming they are oppressed or the oppressor? The way to the future is to teach our children to judge people by their character and not their race. Racial equality does not require tearing down one child to elevate another. Every American needs to be aware of what is happening in our public schools. 



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