When we stop believing in a future where race does not matter, we stop aspiring to be fully human.

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The Meyers Project

The Meyers Project will transform the E.L. Meyers High School facility in a learning and activity center whose purpose is to address community challenges in education and poverty reduction. Starting with a Dropout Prevention Program, programs to increase core proficiency in reading and math for our school age children’s, and a host of other initiatives, our goal is to transform the the Meyers facilities into a model community effort to improve the lives of Wilkes-Barre citizens and those communities that surround us.

The Fatherhood Project

The Fatherhood Project is designed to encourage fathers, young and old, to become more involved with their children and to provide them the tools and knowledge to make their goal of being a better father a reality. All classes are online with a live instructor through this Covid-19 season.

Learn 2 Learn Project

The Learn 2 Learn Project is designed to give students the skills to help underperforming students become power students through training on how best to learn . We offer classes on how to better parent for for your child’s education. We also offer a number of classes for students on self-learning skills as well as supplemental classes designed to increase math and reading efficiency. All classes are online with a live instructor throughout Covid-19.