Our Mission

When we stop believing in a future where race does not matter, we stop aspiring to be fully human.

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Who We Are

The National Society for the Advancement of Black Americans (NSABA) was founded in response to the unrest that has swept the country as a result of the death of George Floyd.  Since then, the NSABA has attracted more than 10,000 members, and dozens of business partners pledging significant investment towards future education and poverty reduction projects.

What We Do

We believe that the best way to lift communities out of poverty and improve education outcomes is to offer services that supplement, not replace or compete with, existing school programs. Our three main areas of focus are Dropout Prevention & Recovery, the Summer Essentials Academy, and Weekend Study Camps. 

Dropout Prevention Program

Dropout prevention demands early intervention. According to several national surveys, the main reason students dropout is the feeling of being too far behind to catch up. Most of these children suffer from cumulative learning deficits. Cumulative learning deficits occur when a student underperforms academically but still passes. Over time, the knowledge deficit reaches a critical mass where the child can no longer reasonably keep up. Our approach is to work with the school system to identify children that are at risk of cumulative learning deficits early. Once identified those children receive help under a Learning Coach using assessment-based technology designed to help that child improve so that he or she can then be reintegrated into the mainstream classroom environment. In addition, we will work with the school district to enroll students who have recently dropped out in an effort to return them to school.

Summer Essentials Academy

The Summer Essentials Academy will offer a full day of learning to students starting in the 7th grade who demonstrate low proficiency in math and reading. The program would run during the summer vacation. Its focus is exclusively on raising a child’s core proficiency in these areas. We believe that providing a dedicated program focusing on core math and literacy will support improved general student performance during the regular school year.

Weekend Study Camp

Throughout the school year, the NSABA will offer Weekend Study Camps. Sessions will be conducted Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon focusing on study skills. Study skills are most often learned from parents and are not taught in school. That lack of knowledge on how to learn affects poorer students disproportionally. The Weekend Study Camps will provide a place for children to focus on learning skills under the supervision of a trained Learning Coach. 

Once the primary programs are in place, the NSABA will introduce three more supplemental programs depending on the facility.  They are:

The Computer Science Academy

To build a better workforce and prepare students and adults for a brighter future, the Computer Science Academy will focus on training the next generation of workers in computer programming, network security, and artificial intelligence. We have developed courses that teach students application development, systems administration, and other computer-related skills. As a 501(c)3, we have an existing relationship with Microsoft and others who provide resources and assets to the program. We will also offer computer literacy programs to the general population.

The Family Resource Center

Stable, healthy families are the most important foundation for better education. They are also crucial to escaping poverty. The Family Resource Center will bring together programs and educational resources on family finance, career counseling, as well as classes in family life education.

High School Plus Academy

The fight to end illiteracy does not end once a student reached 18 years of age. To address the long term health of the community, the NSABA will offer programs for adults over the age of 18 to earn their GED and to increase their general literacy and math skills.

We also offers additional programs in athletics, trade skills, and performing arts. Program offerings are customized to the type of facility acquired.

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