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When we stop believing in a future where race does not matter, we stop aspiring to be fully human.

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Narrated by Paul K. Lott, Sr.

The Learn 2 Learn Series teaches students how to be better students while giving parents the knowledge to better parent their children for lifetime success. Learn 2 Learn is a 10 part series being released in July of 2021 to help students and parents prepare for the next school year and beyond.

As educators, you all know the importance of student learning skills. Even the best school programs struggled when students lack the skills needed to effectively learn. The National Society for the Advancement of Black Americans (NSABA.org) has created a video series to teach students and their parents the vital skills students need for academic success. We are making this important series available to all students starting in July. Each video is less than 10 minutes in length so they are easy to digest. We are also making available a number of other tools teachers can use in the coming school year to bring this important learning to the classroom. We will be releasing lesson plans, downloadable student workbooks, and material for classroom learning on these topics. We are also offering a limited number of Learning Coach slots where students can sign up for a learning coach to help them form important habits. The first video can be viewed immediately at the link below!

Learn 2 Learn Series Coming July 2021!

  • Why Learn What You Won’t Remember Or Use – It’s that you learn, not what you learn.
  • Becoming A Strong Reader – No success without successful reading.
  • The Importance of Vocabulary – You can’t express if you don’t have the words.
  • The 3-3-3 Method of Memorizing Material – Learning to memorize as a superpower.
  • Technics for becoming Math Master – Everyone is a math genius when learned properly.
  • Most Effective Way To Study – Study habits are success habits.
  • You Can Over Entertain the Brain – Too much fun can be dangerous.
  • Simple Goal Setting – Know what you want and make a plan to get there.
  • Things Parents Can Do – Parents are the key to education success.
  • Education Success  – The proven way to learn.

Our goal is to help students improve academic achievement by learning to become better students.

Part I: Why Learn What You Won’t Remember Or Use?

Becoming A Strong Reader – Available in July!

The Importance of Vocabulary – Available in July!

The 3-3-3 Method of Memorizing Material – Available in July!

Technics for becoming Math Master – Available in July!

Technics for becoming Math Master – Available in July!

Most Effective Way To Study – Available in July!

You Can Over Entertain the Brain – Available in July!

Simple Goal Setting – Available in July!

Things Parents Can Do – Available in July!

Education Success – Available in July!

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